Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to deal. (guys preferably but girls can too)?

with my life. i love it really i do. i have an amazing family, great friends and i do good in school. the problem: guys. of course. i guess you can say i'm not the boyfriend type its just that i haven't found the right guy. i'm a junior in high school. and well i have gotten the usual you wanna give me this or this (sexual) and of course being me i say no because ew i'm not a whore thanks. but then again when i like someone i just can't seem to get them to like me and i dont have a type or anything but i go more for the popular guys who drink and party and yah i party but i'm not much of a drinker. but i'm a nice girl i have modeled i'm skinny and i my motto in life is: no regrets. i do what i want when i want. so whats the deal? how can i get a guy to be interested in me is my question.How to deal. (guys preferably but girls can too)?
well, first off- if they really dont like u, then u cant change that. but u nvr know if they might have some feelings for u. so try hanging around them some, let them know who u r, let them know about u. after a time, (if they havnt already asked u out) tell him u like him. if uve given it enough time, then he will know if he likes u or not. thats my advice- good luckHow to deal. (guys preferably but girls can too)?
you kinda sound like me. like really. but my way of getting the guys attention is being in sports. im always with the guys on the track team, so i talk to them. sometimes i am seen as 'one of the guys' but i still have relationships with some of them. try being friends first.

good luck with the guy hunt =]
It's hard to get a guy to just like you. Im 19 and i have the same problem finding asomeone just like you are trying to do. Just look for a guy who smiles at you when you look at them, talks to you and treats you with respect and listens to you. Just be patient it will happen trust me! just be yourself around whoever it may be and you might get something good out of it
Be interested in him talk to him. To be honest a lot of guys are shy because theyre afraid of rejection ( I am) if a girl takes the iniative he knows hes half way theyre he just has keep the flow of the conversation and become friends with ';The Girl';. Then if he seems to like you after a while just tell him he'll probably go for you. Hang out with him a bit before you do this.

Answer my question too plz its about girls.

Answer my question too plz

Just express yourself in a way that the guy ca understand that you like him...


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