Monday, August 16, 2010

How to deal with my guy friends betrayal?

I'm dealing with a lot right now, I feel as if my whole world is falling apart. My ex boyfriend from last year we broke up late May 09, just got married to one of my ex friends. My longtime guy friend that I've known my whole life was his best man. I never asked him to choose sides, but I figured since we've known each other really well for 10 years now would say no due to all that happened when my ex and I broke up. The breakup was mutual, we realized it wouldn't work in the long run, so we broke it off. We were all still friends for about a month or so afterward. I went away to work at a Bible Camp for the summer, and when I came back, everything with our mutual friends seemed off. My longtime friend kept chatting with me but less frequent and everyone at the College and Career group stopped talking to me or even looking at me.

It turned out my ex had started dating my friend from that group, two days before she moved out west for work. Everyone knew, and my ex had been spreading lies such as that I had been calling him all summer crying begging to get back together, which had no truth attached to them. He had also told everyone to stop talking to me and that no one should tell me that he and my friend were dating. (One friend had the courage to tell me, he has now been shunned from everyone in our college and careers group for telling me)

My ex was only in my town for school for the last two years, one and a half of those years have been with the group I've been a part of for 4 years now. How do I deal with this overwhelming sense of betrayal by friends especially the one I've known for 10 years and fellow Christians?

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