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How do you guys deal with this? .. (read more)?

For the people who have went to the pound (not rescue/shelter) how do you deal with walking down the isle trying to choose a dog? I rescued a dog and I was so overwhelmed that my dad had to pick up the dog I saw on the ASPCA's website. Those poor dogs! How do you pick the right dog?

I was looking through some rescues for my state through petfinder and came agross this鈥?/a> the background music is Home by Chris Daughtry. The day after I watched this video, I got into my car to drive home after school and this song came on and I had to PULL OVER cause I started to cry! I then went to the new Pound near my house and petted and spent time with some of the dogs. Then I saw the animal control officer take a dog into a back room, thats when I left. I wish I could have adopted that poor dog. (It was a beautiful white pitt bull)

If I want to rescue a dog from a pound (where they have a certain amount of days to live) how would I pick who to save?How do you guys deal with this? .. (read more)?
Well sweetie this says what a hugh heart you have. It is always very hard to pick just one dog to take one and love. It is also very commendable of you to give your time to the dogs who are waiting for their new family. I know if you could you would take them all home but think of this way. You have saved one life and in life you have to do things one step or one dog at a time.

LIfe isn't fair by any means, but with special people like you maybe in time all the dogs will have a chance for their new families too.

God BlessHow do you guys deal with this? .. (read more)?
Your very welcome! My intention was not to make you cry but to let you see what a wonderful person you are. :)

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Well, its very difficult!! I volunteer for an animal shelter and i just spend as much time with the dogs that i know are gonna go. The ones that normally are put to sleep fast are the bully breeds (like pits, rotties) also sick or injured dogs. The shelters don't have the time and money to take care of them. Also dogs that are bigger, because not to many people want a large dog. So choosing a dog that is either large, sick or injured and a bully breed would definitely be saving its life! You are doing a wonderful thing by saving there life! Best of luck choosing an animal, and if you have the time and want to help them find homes, you can look into volunteering and socializing the dogs that are scared or have been neglected. Its a wonderful thing.
I took my current dog and let her choose from a couple of smaller dogs that were in the kennels.

I knew I didn't want a large dog before I got there, so that narrowed down my choices.

Then there are dogs that are not available yet for adoption, so those were ruled out.

Then there were special needs dogs that needed medicine or special routines (one pom had no teeth and needed special food because of it). I couldn't handle that financially, so those dogs were not an option.

So.. that left two small dogs - one male chi, and one female chi. I had my existing dog meet the shelter dogs thru the fence, then on leads in the play yard. She did NOT like the male. So we met the female... and a match was made.

Now I have two dogs.

I'm at my jurisdictional limits as far as pets per household go - so even if I wanted to adopt again (my mom's friend has a male Golden puppy for sale for $250), legally I could not.

That's how I chose. It's up to the individual though.
No its terrible to see the poor dogs huh. My mom has an animal rescue and i see so many dogs and it breaks my heart but i got my wonderful dog through rescue so whatever your gut feeling is and make sure to check into the dogs vet records and make sure he is healthy and if u have a good connection go for it. also with most shelters u get a week to give the dog back if u have problems.
No you are not alone those pounds are filthy and they are very cruel to these animals.Remember a pit bull only stays for 3 days sometimes its less its sad but true.Most shelters make it almost impossible to adopt.There are more women that go in these places the dogs have a better chance but ones that do my son for example wanted to take them all.You know you can volunteer there to walk socialize with these animals cause believe me they dont.Talk to the person at the counter they usually wll tell you.
Yes, it's hard. But try to remember that they are much better off in the shelter where they have food and water, than out in the streets starving to death or getting hit by cars. Years ago, when they were taken to the 'back room' it was to be put into a chamber where all the air was sucked out. That was horribly cruel and thank goodness the laws have been changed. Now, they just receive a little shot, which is an overdose of anesthesia, and someone is with them as it happens. If you have ever had anesthesia you will know that one moment you're awake, the next asleep - at least that's what happened with me when I had dental surgery. It depends on your viewpoint, but I firmly believe that they cross over to heaven - and as we know, heaven is a great place!! As I get older (and run out of options and time), I have begun to realize more and more that QUALITY of life is everything. Or, put it another way: ';When the rich man dies, he loses the pleasures of life. The poor man loses only his pain.';

I think it is wonderful that you are thinking of adopting and rescuing a dog. You will know the right one when you see him/her. Something about the dog will pull at you. And one CAN do something to increase the quality of life for those dogs in the shelter. Volunteer at least one Saturday a month to walk them. I did it and found to my joy that not only did it get the dogs out in the fresh air and sunshine, but gave them visibility so they were adopted as well!! It's true. I was walking a very dignified, sensitive, Afghan Hound and a nice couple stopped and said, ';We have always wanted one of those.'; He was adopted on the spot. And even if not all of them are adopted, it makes their last days much better. They feel better when they get a chance to get outside, stretch their legs, and sniff the bushes and see the trees and birds. So try to have a positive outlook. Their worst enemy is boredom, sitting in those kennels week after week, sometimes for 8 months or more. Be a volunteer!
What you have seen is the reason why so many breeders cringe when someone says ';where can I find a dog to breed with my dog';. There are so many dogs who've been abandoned or rescued from bad homes. It's painful to see and try to chose only one.

Look the dog in the eye and see if it makes eye contact with you. Just as you can see the soul of a person in their eyes, you can see the heart of a dog in their eyes.

Whichever dog you pick will give you tremendous amounts of unconditional love and gratitude.

Go to Purina's website. I think they have a questionnaire that allows you to get an idea what kind of dog is best for your personality and life style.

If you know any breeds you think you might like, either google them or go to the akc website to find out more about those breeds, as to size and temperament and what they are best at. You can also go from the akc to the breed clubs.

If you want to affect more than just one dog, you can volunteer at the pound or at a rescue group.
I know how you feel, I got my new Doberman from the pound, and I wish I could take them all home. What I think you should do is if you have a fenced in yard, get a couple dogs if you can take care of them. And to pick a dog, dont just get one bc you want to save it. Get one that you instantly click with, who you know were made for you. And remember, more than 75% of the dogs may find homes, so leave some for people who need best friends, and if you feel horribly guilty, then volunteer a couple times a week and bring treats. Pet them all and tell them you love them.

And what I did was know the breed of dog I was looking for, a Doberman bc thats what my dad used to breed, and I missed all our old dobies, so I wanted a new one. And I went for the one that instantly melted my heart, Hammer. I just new the second i saw him, beleive me, its like falling in love you will know who is for you. And when you go, take your time, spend like an hour there. If you want one thats on its way to be euthanized, then ask them who is on the list. and if you could look at them. ANd before you get your dogs, get half the stuff at a petstore, but when you get them, go get their leashes, food, treats, and toys. So they can pick them out, and they can get out of the shelter and see what everything looks like. Also, you not too emotional, your just emathetic and feel that its wrong, you think about those animals and you feel bad. I try not to think about it bc I would cry too. Its just sad, all those animals who are so sweet and beautiful just die, its sooo sad. So dont feel stupid about it, you actually better then those who dont, and even if they are people that do know and think about it, I dont see them doing anything about it.

But you will feel a thousand times better after you get your babies, dont get any just to get any, feel it first. Go for what your looking for, like shopping. I recommend you take a couple asprin or something for a head ache, and some sort of an energy boost, a huge breakfast bc you probably wont be able to eat for a bit, wake up early take a shower, clean the house and get it ready for the dogs, wear sweat pants, and something you can get dirty and smelly in the shelter, get you car ready, get everything ready, and bring a friend. Just do this, and you will have an easy day. you may get a headache from all the barking and stress to find one, and wearing sweat pants will help make you comfrtable.And making you, your house and car clean will help clear your mind. If you need any help you can email me.

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