Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you deal with intimidation and intimidating people/teachers?

there are some people i must face tmrw that are really intimidating.

i get really nervous about having to talk to them and what they'll think of me. how do you guys deal with intimidation? how do you prep yourself mentally?How do you deal with intimidation and intimidating people/teachers?
If I'm close to them, I stare at their mouth when they talk. I really makes people crazy.

If I'm at a distance, I sit/stand with a blissful, knowing smile and just nod a little.

Basically, I mess with their illusion of superiority as much as possible without doing anything that anyone else watching would consider confrontational.How do you deal with intimidation and intimidating people/teachers?
';Simple ignore them'; It works for me.
Say in a low slow voice, ';move';

that would freak them out!
Intimidation is a result of your low self esteem and perception. The only way to change how you feel is by changing the feelings that are limiting you to be who you really are.

Believe in your self. No one is better than the other. Believe that you are worthy of anything just as they are. You are Source Energy (God) in physical form. How can you go wrong with that fact ?

We all have different agenda. They have theirs and you have yours. So, why even compare others to yourself. They do not know what you are up to, just as you do not know what their story is.

You should be the only person that matters to you. When you feel intimidated by others, it is because you do not understand the power and the beauty that comes with you. You are not convinced that you are as great as the next person beside you.

There is nothing you can not do, be or have. Stay connected and aligned with your Source, and you are invincible. That is all it takes. Knowing who you are is all you need to be happy with others.

You are worthy of love and happiness. NO one else can take that away from you. Anything less is your own doing in your mind.

So, be the best of who you are. No one can touch you. You are the greatest.
stand up straight and look them in the eye. there is no need for anybody to be intimidated by anyone else. to prepare mentally...just keep telling yourself that they get into their pants the same way you do, one leg at a time.
Punch them in the face. If you think you can't do that kick the nads and then uppercut their face. I guarantee that when you kick them in the gonads they will bend forward in agony allowing you to open up their lip with an uppercut. If you get outnumbered make sure you incapacitate enough of them to get a running head start because a 3 on one or even a 2 on one may be difficult. depending on their sizes

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