Monday, August 16, 2010

How do shy/nice guys work when they like a girl?

I'm a little into this guy in my class. He's very sweet and kinda shy. He's like a skater type and I guess I'm like 'popular' (as stupid as it may sound, I just want you guys to get an idea of situation). Anyways, I always talk to him because I'm pretty outgoing and talkative and when I do he always seems a little nervous and smiley. So how do shy guys deal with girls if they like them or whatever?How do shy/nice guys work when they like a girl?
If he likes you then he will gaze at you a lot and if you make eye contact with him he will turn away instantly. He'll try to be around you as much as circumstances will allow but he most likely will not talk to you even though he really wants to. If you talk to him he will be smiley and incredibly nervous I imagine, and if you ask him a question he might just give one word answers because of his nerves. Be friendly towards him and he'll start to open up after a while once he knows that you're being genuinely nice to him. Us shy guys really think alot of girls who show them some interest and are nice to us so if you do that you'll win his heartHow do shy/nice guys work when they like a girl?
The main two ways ( coming from a shy guy)

He'll either tense up around you try to look in any direction but yours. Like if a girl approached him he might suddenly feel like drawing etc. But if your far away ( like across the room) he'll be more confident and might stare.


He'll be the opposite of himself and become loud and outspoken if he's confident. It all depends.
Hes not gonna tell you he likes you, your gonna have to tell him, then he will open up to you, also he may think your too good for him being that your popular thats why he wont ask. Hes intimidated.
smile a lot and spend time around them. And help the girl with things

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