Monday, August 16, 2010

Girls... or Guys: How do you deal with catcalling?

When I go out for a jog around my neighborhood, sometimes there are immature guys who yell out to me in an obnoxious manner. My question is, how would you guys deal with instances like this if it was a recurring thing?Girls... or Guys: How do you deal with catcalling?
I know it is so annoying....No, wait what about when an ugly, older guy, disgusting really...starts to hit on you and their like oh your beautiful and you got it going on and your like yeah uh huh thank you uh huh yeah ok I got to go. Geesh it's like you have to leave to get away and they end up ruining your day cause they make you feel bad, cheap or just scared like ahhh stalker back away lol. Well, I try to leave, to answer your question. Or move faster, ignore it, run in the opposite direction. Lol i heard on tv one time that a girl told another to pass gas really loud or pick your nose do something disgusting so the'll stop lol. I thought it was pretty funny but I could never do it lol. I get scared...I run. Good Luck.Girls... or Guys: How do you deal with catcalling?
well i had that happen to me...i left it alone but sometimes thats not enough....give them a warning and that is harassment so if its keeps persisting take some action. No one deserves to be disrespected.
I simply just ignore them and move on with my day.. it doesnt bother me... next time i try to avoid that area and go a different way... always a solution to every problem.
I'd have them killed.

Seriously, I would ignore it.

They must think you're attractive, so its kind of a compliment, in a knuckle-dragging way.
If it were myself, honestly, I'd either change my jogging route or find some other exercise. I hate dealing with things like that, so I make sure I don't find myself in the situations. In fact, that's why I don't go running/jogging. Instead, I like to play DDR in the comfort of my own home (fun + cardio!) or go to the gym and run on the eliptical machines.
Its only really happened once at a primary school by one of the teachers, i was working there and she was like. oh its nice to see some young **** in here.

Thats when i went, omg and walked away fastlike O.o
Ignore it. As long as they keep their distance they won't harm you. Mostly they are showing off for each other. And if you went jogging and no one made a cat call, you would wonder

why not.
with ear phones====i usaully listen to my ipod while in public by myself
You may not like this but it's the truth. First make sure your boobs aren't bouncing under your chin. Ware a sports bra and a running jacket. Also' Ware something that covers your butt. I have seen women run with those tight jogging shorts with half of there butt hanging out. I am not saying you do this but there are a lot of women that bring unsavory attention to them selves. If this isn't it consider running somewhere else.

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