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How can i deal with guys that wont stop staring at me?

If you read my other question ( I just started middle school and i already have a problem. Boys are staring at me nonstop.) Then I have another question. How can I make guys stop staring at me? I know everyones been saying that I just have to learn to deal with it, but i dont know. I wish I could just be friends with these guys again. So does anyone have any idea how to get a guy to stop staring?How can i deal with guys that wont stop staring at me?
kick in the nads should do it

I guess you just have to let them know that you noticed they're staring and that it makes you feel uncomfortable. They have to hear it from someone!How can i deal with guys that wont stop staring at me?
If they're staring at your face, stare back until they look away. It tells them nicely that they're being awkward. If they're staring at your boobs, catch their eye, point to your face, and say ';I'm up here.'; This will embarrass them, therefore making them stop. If you let the guys know that you notice them staring, and you don't like it, they will stop.
Just give it another week or so until they get used to your looks. You must really look good. Smile and say hi to them to be nice. They may hit on you so you'll have to develop a way to be nice but firm about the attention. Say things like thank you, but I don't think your girlfriend would like you saying that to me.
Intensely stare at them and ask them what they want. (Make sure you ask that in group setting in case they decide to get cute and vulgar you have back up). Keep your clothing modest. Make sure you have no cleavage showing. Are they seeing too much? Are your clothes tight and form fitting? Guys at that age are either extremely modest or really bad jerks. Perhaps too you may be very attractive in their eyes and they don't know how to socialize. Remind them that real men treat converse politely and treat girls respectfully.
where are they staring? at your face, or your chest? If it's your chest, like my friend had, wear shirts that show less cleavage. but maybe they haven't realized how fast you've grown up and are surprised at how beautiful you've become. Stare back at them, or approach one and ask him questions, or start up a conversation.
well firstly it's a compliment it means your pretty, guys won't even give a damn to unpretty girls if they don't need anything from them. if you're feeling intimidated by the way they look at you, maybe you need to start ignoring them.. ^^,
Get those vampire fangs and first smirk then show them hissing like a cat ;)

The problem is though that you'll be the star of the gothics within a week. Oh well you can't have it all *chuckle*
My best friend would tell people to take a picture it will last longer, then they realized how obvious it was they were staring and stopped.

Can anyone help me?;鈥?/a>
Only, perhaps, dress down and don't make up as much. The guys can't help it, they have to look (and follow) the most beautiful woman they see. Perhaps spak to an older woman, she may be able to advise you better.
Well, if you really want to know why they are staring at you go up to them and ask. I have had to do that many of times.
Young lady, why are you complaining when guys stare at you? You should complain if no one looks at you. Enjoy while you can.
That just means your easy on the eyes let them look but don't let em touch. But if you want them to quit looking at you just dress ugly wear pajamas and don't brush your hair that will work.
Stare right back and make them know that you are annoyed with there staring at you.
maybe they like u or if they dont just stand up for yourself maybe go to whoever is starin at you and ask them wats ur problem

good luck!
stop being beautifull u tease
stare back until they look away and get the point that they're disrespecting you.
Sit really close to them and stare at *them*.
go to them and then say that they are not your ';type';
pepper spray

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