Monday, August 16, 2010

Are all guys honestly like this???

so i get back together with my ex since ';he missed me so much'; and after we broke up i was told he was just using me for sex (3 days into it..... yeah i can admit i missed him 2) and was saying all this ****, but then i know this one guy who told me

';all guys will say whatever you want to hear just to get in a girl's pants without caring one bit. that's ALL they want'; following a few stories (*shudder*) and all that great stuff... and he's been married for how long, but then again he also told me that ';guys actually grow up at.... 38 maybe if he's lucky'; and so WHAT'S THE DEAL GUYS!!!! DO YOU REALLY ALL DO THIS IT'S BEEN KILLING ME!!!!!!!!

oh yeah, and we broke up to be ';friends w/ benifits'; but we aren't talking cuz he got a new girlfriend (who i hear is uggo) and he doesnt cheat on his girlfriends so he doesn't have a reason to talk to me now i guess.....

and i miss himAre all guys honestly like this???
The answer is no. It is true that guys are more predisposed to want sex. However, most males, and most people treat others with respect. Especially as guys get older.

It is completely despicable for a guy to say things just to get into a woman's pants. Most won't. A few will, and unfortunately some girls have a natural attraction for the type of guy that will.

Date guys that have more going for them and they will care about more things than sex. It's that simple.Are all guys honestly like this???
There is a logical answer the fact of the matter is when a guy really wants some we just go back to someone we already because we know we can get it this is ehy he did that to you... Now guys do grow up but it is all up to that guy So yes some guys do lie but than some dont so it sucks that he did that to you
u know wat?? u've been missing a lot lately.. don't spend ur life with this guy... u've been missing 50% of ur life enjoy doing other things instead of making it out wid this guy... FORGET HIM!!! he's not worth it.. and i have to admit it... yes, some guys are like that (note i said some)... other are not.. its up 2u to find out whos' hu.. it isn't difficult,,, u'll instinctively know them... so gudluk!
Many guys have the attitude ';Why buy a cow if you can get the milk for nothing.'; Unfortunately many gals are willing to give it to them.

Stop giving it away, and you will have less guys panting around you, but those who are still interested, are playing for keeps, if that's what you want.

There is a certain amount of loneliness if you are married or single, but if you really want fulfillment, it will be in a good marriage or permanent relationship, loyal, committed, faithfull.
Why the heck do you miss that loser? He told u he was only using u for sex.

i dont understand women sometimes..and i am one.

thanks for giving me yet another reason to avoid relationships.
There are billions of guys walking around the planet. This guy is a chump. Dump his lame *ss.鈥?/a>
I don't really like sex, so I wouldn't use a woman to get it.

Truth be known, both sexes do this. There are some evil guys out there, and some evil women. Just don't let it make you become jaded to all members of the opposite sex.

Keep in mind people VERY RARELY change, so unless a life-changing event occurred to him during you two's hiatus, he'll probably be the same person you dumped in the first place.
Yes, this is true of low-quality and a lot of young men. Don't give it away too soon, and learn the signs of this type of man so you can spot it sooner.

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