Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do you guys deal with stress?

I usually go into a room and retreat from the world.

Than I come out later, pull out my diary, and start writing down a plan.

What about you guys?

Do you:

1. Freak out?

2. Retreat?

3. Eat?

4. Sleep?

5. Listen to Music?

6. Excercise?

7. Other??How do you guys deal with stress?
Exercise is the best way for me.How do you guys deal with stress?
when i flipp out i go somewhere dark and small (a closet, a corner, my shower,etc) listen to music as loud as it goes. usually metal. then i usually end up pulling my hair out (not too literally) or wringing my hands raw. and i start listening to really sad songs and just flat out bawl
Needless to say ';sex'; is the best thing for stress relief. I tend to eat everything in the house, sleep a lot and of course have lot's of sex.
go over the entire situation in my head, take deep breaths, and then focus on something else. ooh, and eating is also good too. =]

Exercise, retreat, eat, drink, play on Y/A! lol
8. all of the above! at one time or another. reading also helps me as does meditation or playing with my dog.
I do 1, 3, 4, and 5.
listen to music
a combo of relaxing music and violent video games
*all of the above
6 or 5
sleep, listen to music, laughing at your problems
if freaking out is screaming and yelling then, Yes, but only for a min then i walk away

Pray. Have faith in God. Write a poem. Vent to friends....
music works for me
I run.

Here lately, so much I've begun having knee troubles.
8. All of the above.
Umm.. I think all of them. =]
i usually freak out and cry

to feel better
retreat listen to music smoke weed
Leave girls alone!!! (OOOPs, looks like I have a lot of punctuation.)
i sleep.

and play the piano.

pray and talk to a friend
7..drink and smoke a blunt
I do all those things ...the 'other' is kinda not allowed to be said here

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