Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do Korean guys deal with this?

How do Korean guys deal with their own Korean women prefering White men or non-Korean guys?

There're reasons for Korean women to be leaving their own Korean guys in millions. They are, but not limited to: no muscle, small private unit, no hairs on chest, high pitched voice, short height, not respectful to women (No where on earth, is the ';our own women'; thinking stronger than in Korea.).

Korean guys also feel threatened when they see a white man with their own woman. Well, here's my advice to Korean guys as a word of prudence. Don't get involved. She can decide what she wants herself.How do Korean guys deal with this?
they live with itHow do Korean guys deal with this?
No. It's your fixed idea. Korean guys are very kind his girlfriend. And they don't guard against white man.

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Hey kinds of shallow for you to stereotype don't you think? i have to say yes there are some korean men that fit into your description, however, there are plenty that don't fit into that category as well. sorry, it sounds like you were trying to pick Korean men from the reject line

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white men leave white girl. how can white girl deal with this? because white women are uglier. so, white men are desperate for asian women. I never feel bad about korean women marrying white man. bot, I alyways feel very pity for white man desperate for pretty asian women.

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Get a life... Korean guys are better then you, dude!

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last time i checked.. more Korean guys work out compared to other Asian males.. -__-;; small muscles..? wth

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Last time I checked, in America, Korean-Korean couples out numbered Korean-White couples.

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Only god knows..
I wouldnt feel threatened at all if I was a dude.. There is always someone out there for you... These days with the choice of good men limited anyways for the women of the world.. take what you can ladies.. be it different culture, race, country, nationality whatever.. If he is good and true to you. go for him...

Just let the Korean men take white women then.. who cares...
yeah that kind of attitude is the reason I can imagine they would want to be with someone for more reasons than just their size

an open minded relaxed attitude towards life is much more pleasant than stale suffocating male orental values passed down from an obscelete generation of psuedo alpha male asian dinosours
Who the hell are you white r-tard? Those korean women who prefer white guys cuz they like white guys. And why is this such a big issue to you? You maybe are some white r-tard who works as a english teacher in Korea cuz u couldnt get any job in ur country huh? Poor Fella!

I would love to meet you MF!
I don't think what you are saying is true.

However, if there were a grain of truth in what you said, perhaps they could console themselves w the fact that other Asian women find them hot--Japanese women, Chinese women, etc etc.
Korean men need not worry because girls from other nations, for example Taiwanese, Singaporeans, Japanese, Thais are dying to get their hands on their 'kimchi'.
Let me guess here...

You were able to get lots of attention from girls in Korea with your tall and muscular figure, husky voice, and hairs on your chest.

They all ran away after they found out that your muscle can't handle the real job, your chest stink, and ..gasp*, your humongous privet part is for display only.

What's more, you got bit up by Korean guys for kept trying to mess up with Their girls!!!

Isn't that why so many colored man use to get lynched here in USA?

Here is my advice to you, if what you have listed is all you've got, you'll continually get dumped no matter who you dates, unless someone just looking for a alive sex toy.

No body wants to get involve in your sick game.

You should decide what you need to do for your life!!!!!
I want to try to handle your question seriously, although I found it to be demeaning. There is some truth to what you are saying,as I will explain, some of the problem is brought about by social stigmas in Korea.

First the sex ratio in Korea is 117 guys per 100 girls. Anything over 105-107 either way is considered abnormal (sex selective-abortions). So it would appear that there are not enough women to ';go around'; for the male populace. However, Korean men tend to engage in so much risky behavior that this surplus of men turns into a deficit by the time they are of marrying age - they are killing themselves off (see first source). Bottom line is that growing up, males are dominant, and they remain culturally so, but when it is time to get married, ladies have their choice, and many choose to be ';more equal'; with white counterparts.

On top of the risky behavior, male dominance in Korean culture is still at a level of absurdity. On MBC I saw a special that said during Korean thanksgiving (Chuseok) only 4 out of every 1000 husbandshelp out at all with the preparation or serving of the meal. When my Korean wife was growing up, they conferred with eachother to make sure at least one of the females of the house was home whenever their brother or father was home so that they could cook for them. My wife and her sisters in law are all well educated (Seoul U, Yonsei U, PHds and Law degrees).

Next, the Korean government has engaged in a propoganda campaign to make the Korean people believe they are of one ';pure'; race. This flies in the face of all logic, as nearly all Korean babies are born with ';Mongolian'; bruises, that the Baek-Chae, one of the three ';Korean'; tribes spoke proto-Japanese, and the fact that Korea has been occupied by ';foreign'; powers for most of the past 800 years. However, nearly all Koreans, regardless of education believes their race is pure.

Next, more than 60% of the media Koreans see on TV is from the US. When Koreans see white people, they don't have the ';they all look alike'; syndrome because they have learned to distinguish white features and develop their own estimates of what makes a white person attractive and unattractive. Seeing whites portrayed in positive and powerful positions every day on TV has led to the expansion of the ';white guilt'; phenomena that was once confined to minorities in the United States (e.g., I would be more [insert adjective] if I were white [American]). Believe it or not, I have heard this statement in Korea a lot.

Lastly, let me say you greatly overestimate physical appearance in a girls decision to go with a guy. What is true for males is not true for females. Korean men are defitinely threatened when seeing a Korean woman with a white man. I have been married to a Korean for 8 years and speak Korean fluently, so I hear all of the comments. However, Korean women still ';prefer'; Korean men, who despite all of the things I've cited above, are still more moderate then the men in most asian cultures. All around my house there are signs for Vietnamese and Chinese women trying to marry Korean men, who have an image internationally as being strong providers, dedicated, and confident, which seems to hold true.

Check out the links below for where I got my data from.
How do western girls deal with all the guys going for Asian girls?

Live and let live (or let it go)

PS their own Korean women ?? did you say ';own woman';???? as in they belong to them????
Dear Big Scott Lordy,

Big Blair here has given you a great, thoughtful answer and I believe everything he said holds true. Allow him to educate you. I will only add a few things, and correct some of your more outlandish misperceptions.

Number one, the aspect of male dominance so appropriately pointed out by Big Blair needs to be reemphasised here. Korea has often been called the most ';Confucian'; nation in Asia, and this is true to a large extent. It so happens that Confucian values stress the importance of hierarchical relationships in society. This is completely opposed to Western values, which presuppose that everyone in society holds equal rank.

The younger defer to the older, the student to the teacher, the son to the father... and the wife to the husband. The duties of the woman in society are quite well summarised by the Confucian concept of the ';three obediences';. A woman is supposed to obey her father, then her husband, and then (once her husband is gone), her son. There is a clear pattern of male supremacy all the way.

This is taken to quite an extreme level in Korea, even more so than in Japan. Japan is also a very traditional society but it has incurred a sexual liberation of sorts which has been somewhat accepted as a part of social behaviour. In Korea, none of this has happened - partly because the country was poor and predominantly rural until very recently, lived under under a conservative military dictatorship until 1988 and is technically still in a state of war.

None of these conditions encouraged a blossoming of social liberalism. I have seen Korean males go out in groups to drink heavily, with their wives demurely waiting in a separate room to help nurse them when their drunkenness made them sick, all without a word of protest. Some Korean women rebel against the submissiveness that is traditionally expected of them, and this is an important factor in their choice of partner.

Some Korean men feel wronged by their women picking foreigners as partners partly because, let us remember, Koreans are extremely patriotic. Their national experience is that of their country being continuously oppressed and looked down upon, first by the Chinese and then by the brutal Japanese occupation of their country between 1910 and 1945 (during which the Korean language was outlawed, thousands of Korean men were forcibly drafted into the Japanese Imperial Army and countless Korean woman were shipped off to the front to serve as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers).

In this context, the constant presence of 37,000 foreign troops on Korean soil does not always go down too well, especially since US servicemen are largely exempt from Korean law, can only be arrested by their own military police and tried by US military tribunals. In Seoul, it certainly doesn't help that the main US base is right in the centre of town and just next to one of the capital's most buoyant entertainment districts.

This means that proud, drunk Koreans often end up being in close contact with off-duty US servicemen partying hard. The strong Korean sense of national pride, when associated with heavy drinking (another integral part of Korean male culture) and the sight of nonchalant American men in the arms of Asian women can occasionally give rise to some pretty hostile reactions. However, one has to be careful not to magnify these events into huge generalisations.

Finally, your assumed reasons for why some Korean women prefer foreign guys are a bit off the mark. Let me address them one by one (leaving out the most ridiculous myths like ';small private unit';, which should not even need discussing):

';No muscle';: That's a good one! Your average Korean male is certainly much fitter than many obese and graceless American guys bred on Dunkin' Donuts and cream cheese bagels. This is due in part to the extremely healthy Korean diet, which includes larges doses of seaweed, fish, minerals and medicinal plants like ginseng. Also, let us not forget that ALL Korean males are required to serve at least 3 years in the army. There is no shortness of brawn or muscle to these people.

';No hairs on chest';: Habit breeds taste. Having grown up in the midst of relatively hairless people, most Asian women are actually disgusted by the thought of a lot of body hair in men, not attracted by it. Only a minority prefer it.

';High-pitched voice';: Asians do not have noticeably higher pitched voices than Westerners. The distribution is exactly the same as elsewhere - some have Mickey Mouse falsettos and some have booming bass voices, with a large possible range in between.

';Short height';: Asians do tend to be shorter than Westerners, although their women (obviously!) do not mind that, since it is the standard. As for Koreans, like many people with some Uralo-Altaic descent (northern Chinese is another example), they are actually often tall and well-built, frequently over 6 feet in height. Koreans were often picked by the Japanese as prison guards during the Pacific War precisely because of this intimidating feature.

Hope this helped,
';Korean guys also feel threatened when they see a white man with their own woman';.



Man~! You are funny. They don't care! It is just her choice!

You are joking. right?
what's the sense??

this question is so stupid... -__-;;
Well, maybe they should learn English and go after caucasian women.
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